Top 10 Visiting Place In USA


Bustling cities, quaint towns, spectacular national parks, lively beaches, and out-of-this-world islands. America is a great country with incredible people and sights–that’s a fact.

While there are many popular places to travel in the US, there are a bunch of beautiful places equally impressive, but that doesn’t get as much of the bulk of the attention.

1. Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest’s urban heart, Seattle, Washington, should land on the USA bucket list of any person who appreciates coffee, chill vibes, oysters, and outdoor activities.

Seattle sits in an ecologically diverse zone that’s wreathed by beautiful beaches and glorious mountains. 

You can sunbathe in the morning and go skiing or mountain biking in the afternoon on the best days. If you prefer watching nature instead of sporting through it, join a harbor cruise tour!

Other star attractions include the Seattle Space Needle, Fremont Troll, Gum Wall, and the Museum of Flight. Head up to Kerry Park for a gorgeous and unobstructed view of the Seattle skyline for the best pictures.

Like its culinary cousin on the other coast — Boston, Massachusetts — Seattle is stuffed with superb seafood restaurants. The oysters around these parts are incredibly yummy.

Oh, and whether you have one day or 3 days in Seattle, coffee enthusiasts should make time for a cuppa at Starbucks mothership, the original shop in the famous Pike Place Market.

Seattle, Washington


2. Boston, Massachusetts

Capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, with a charter that dates back to 1630. 

Steeped in history, the city served as the backdrop for the earliest Puritan settlers and significant Revolutionary War events.

Today, Boston is one of the top urban vacation destinations in the nation and welcomes about 19 million domestic tourists a year, in addition to nearly three million international ones.

When in town, history buffs should carve out time for Faneuil Hall, the building in front of which notable revolutionaries, like Samuel Adams, delivered famous speeches that ultimately sparked the War for Independence. 


Boston, Massachusetts

3. Charleston, South Carolina

With its charming architecture and powerhouse culinary scene, Charleston has reigned as T+L readers' favorite U.S. city for an impressive nine years running. "How could you not love those cobblestoned streets? The beautiful, colorful houses and gas lanterns. Take a carriage ride…or catch a boat," wrote one reader. "Charleston is such a historic treasure with beauty at every corner. Also heaven for foodies. King Street has excellent shops, bars, and restaurants and is great for nightlife." But there's also plenty of all-ages appeal. "There is an abundance of activities to choose from for couples', families', and friends' getaways," wrote one visitor turned local, who also touted the city as "one of the friendliest places I have visited."


Charleston, South Carolina


4. San Francisco, California

When it comes to the best places on the West Coast to visit, San Francisco is firmly up there and I place I’ve returned to twice – it really is that amazing!

If it’s your first time, you’ll want to see some of the popular spots like Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Haight Street, Lombard Street and see the Golden Gate Bridge – but there’s lots more to the city than just this.

Just watch out for all the seals in Fisherman’s Wharf… they have some funky smelling breath! 

One of my favourite things to do is to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and head to Muir Woods to see some of those massive redwood trees.

There are loads of trails here too – so take your walking shoes.

San Francisco, California


5. Napa Valley, California

Ah, a wine lover’s paradise… I can already hear my wine glass clinking. Ha!

Truthfully though, Napa Valley has some of the best (and tastiest) wineries and vineyards in the country and has some stunning views to boot.

To be honest, the thing I find hardest about Napa Valley is what vineyards to actually choose to visit.

There’s a huge array of options, like; Pride Mountain Vineyards, Modus Operandi Cellars, V Sattui, Castello di Amorosa, and the St. Clair Brown Winery & Brewery (which are all great starting points).

Just make sure to get a designated driver as you will get sloshed. No joke… it’s almost inevitable you won’t be tipsy!

Napa Valley, California



Yosemite is the gem of national parks. The Sierra Nevada mountains provide the backdrop for many famous landmarks, such as the granite cliffs of Half Dome and El Capitan or the colossal Bridalveil Falls. Yosemite has many camping options or can easily be reached from a few major cities like San Francisco and Sacramento. Read our first-timers guide to the top things to do in Yosemite.


  • Watch the cascading Yosemite Valley waterfalls
  • Walk Among Giant Sequoias
  • Keep an eye out for black bears and other wildlife



Known as the “Big Easy” for its laid-back way of life, New Orleans is a powerful magnet for music-lovers and foodies alike. Situated along the Mississippi River in Louisiana, this cultural city will transport you back in time with its Victorian architecture. Stroll through the French Quarter to catch musical street performers before feasting on traditional cajun food. Explore Bourbon Street’s nightlife after a full day of exploring the town, venturing into the swamps, or touring a traditional plantation.


  • Explore the French Quater, listen to live music on Bourbon Street & dine on beignets and Cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde;
  • Cruise the Mississippi River on an old Paddle Steamer;
  • See the Crocs from an airboat in the Louisiana Bayou;
  • Eat your body weight in Gumbo; and
  • If you can, be there for Madi Gras. It’s one of the best festivals in the world!


8. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, located along the Canada-US border. Niagara Falls is a set of three falls actually. Views are good on both sides of the river, but the Canadian side is worth a visit. (if you don't mind crossing the border). Summer is the most popular time to visit Niagara Falls as the weather is warm, and wandering around is pleasant. Winter provides the snow-covered shores to see. It's truthfully a winter wonderland here.

Niagara Falls


9.  Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is America's most spectacular icon and the largest statue in the world as a universal symbol of freedom. Standing in New York Harbor, visitors can see the statue from various points around the city, mainly Battery Park, or can take a ferry right to the statue.


Statue of Liberty

10. Times Square

When you are in New York and not going Times Square is an impossible thing to say!! Times Square is full of life, famous for its flashing billboards, New Year's Eve count down, and constant crowds of people. While it is an interesting place to visit during the day, it is undoubtedly best seen at night to experience the full effect. The picture of Time Square would never be deleted from your heart!


Times Square